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Below is a collection of Linux programs. You may want to use some of these as-is, modify them, or borrow commands from them. Please read each program’s documentation carefully to determine if it is appropriate for your purposes, and read the disclaimer. Most of these programs work on any Linux distribution, and many are scripts which can be easily modified.

  • SpaceFM – SpaceFM is a multi-panel tabbed file and desktop manager for Linux with built-in VFS, udev- or HAL-based device manager, customisable menu system, and bash integration.

  • udevil – udevil is a command line Linux program which mounts and unmounts removable devices without a password, shows device info, and monitors device changes. It can also mount ISO files, nfs://, smb://, ftp://, ssh:// and WebDAV URLs, and tmpfs/ramfs filesystems.

  • bic – A starter CD/DVD burning script

  • blackpac – Designed for Arch Linux, blackpac maintains a list of blacklisted packages and allows their removal despite dependencies

  • devmon – A configuration-less bash wrapper script for udisks which automounts optical discs and removable drives, and can also selectively autostart apps or execute commands after mounting

  • enableroot – A script to enable the root user on *ubuntu

  • mbrback – A script to backup and restore hard drive MBRs and partition tables

  • mountiso – A script to setup and perform mounting of ISO files by non-root users

  • mplayerstart – A wrapper script for mplayer which adds resumable playback, TV mode, stops screensavers, and restores last volume levels

  • PCManFM Mod – A modified version of the legacy PCMan File Manager v0.5.2 which adds user-definable functions, other features, and bugfixes.

  • permz – Designed to be integrated into any file manager, permz presents a menu for quickly changing file permissions and ownership

  • repic – A script to resize jpeg images, and optionally create email messages with resized pics attached. File manager integration instructions are included.

  • ripdvd – A script which uses mplayer to copy the titles of a DVD to your hard drive or other device

  • rmdupe – Removes duplicate files – includes a simulation mode, reference-only folders, a trash mode, size limits, and a custom rm command ability

  • sandfox – Runs Firefox and any other apps in sandboxes, limiting their access to your filesystem

  • scanpic – A script to scan images of a specified size from the command line without use of a GUI and without needing to crop the image afterward

  • sedname – Batch-renames files using a sed script

  • webpics – webpics takes a folder of JPG image files and creates a complete website, including both javascript and non-javascript picture viewers

  • xtract – designed for file manager integration, xtract decompresses and extracts archives



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