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Script: webpics


Download Links:
Script: download webpicsview sourceInstructions
Debian/Ubuntu: packagePPA
Arch Linux: AUR
Check Signature: SHA256SUMS
Description: Creates a javascript website from a folder of pics
Recommended For: Linux
Tested On: Arch Linux; Kubuntu Karmic
Current Version: 1.0.0
Requires: imagemagick jhead
Related: repic scanpic
License: GNU GPL v3     * SEE DISCLAIMER *
Bugs/Requests: SourceForge Tracker


webpics takes a folder of JPG image files and creates a complete website, including both javascript and non-javascript picture viewers. The javascript viewer includes a slideshow capability. Unlike most picture sharing sites, this picture viewer displays pictures at the full size of the user’s browser window without any distractions in the window. The image files are automatically resized to a maximum size of 1280×1280 pixels, so users can view and save quality copies of your pictures. Once webpics has created your website in a local folder, you can simply upload this folder to your web server.

webpics --help

Creates a javascript website from a folder of pics
Requires: imagemagick jhead
Option: --noresize                      disables resizing of pics
webpics takes all the pics in PICSFOLDER and creates a website in WEBFOLDER
Note: Options must be listed before folders

To create a website in ~/mywebsite from pics in the folder ~/mypics:

webpics ~/mypics ~/mywebsite

The website created in ~/mywebsite can be a stand-alone website, or it can be a subfolder of a larger website. The ~/mywebsite folder will be created if it doesn’t exist.

webpics incorporates a modified version of Javascript Slideshow by Patrick Fitzgerald.


Installation Instructions

Follow the standard Script Installation Instructions. Alternatively, for Debian and Ubuntu a deb package and a PPA repository are available. On Arch Linux, webpics can be installed automatically using the AUR.

Before running webpics, install required packages using your package manager. For example, on Debian/Ubuntu:

apt-get install imagemagick jhead

NOTE: webpics is an unusual script in that it contains binary data at the end. This data is used to create the image files for buttons on the website. If you edit the webpics script, you must use an editor which won’t corrupt this binary data when you save the script. Alternatively, you can remove the binary data from the end of the script and copy the button image files to the same folder as the script. Or, you can download the tarball (check signature) containing the script without binary data in it, and separate image files. In this case the PNG files should be copied to the same folder as the script.

The default size for resized images may be set in the user defaults section at the top of the script.

webpics will attempt to auto-rotate any of the original JPG files which need it. If you prefer it not do so, disable the jhead command in the script by placing a “#” at the beginning of the appropriate line.

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  1. I’m gonna give it a try tonight. This is much simpler to understand. Thanks Guru.

    Comment by Andrew Spoor | December 20, 2009 | Reply

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