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New SpaceFM Net Installer, Changes To Distribution Sites

SpaceFM’s release methods are being streamlined, which affects where source packages may be downloaded from, what packages will be available, and the contents of assorted documentation and websites. Also, SpaceFM has a new interactive net installer which can download and install any version or branch of SpaceFM with a single command.

To use the new net installer (beta test), see the updated homepage instructions. This installer replaces the old self-extracting installer and self-building packages, which are no longer being produced after version 1.0.3.

IgnorantGuru’s PPA will no longer include spacefm or udevil packages (they will be removed shortly). If the official Debian packages don’t work for you or you want custom build options, the new net installer is recommended, or see the SpaceFM Debian Wiki for other options (if you find other solutions, feel free to add them to the wiki).

Sourceforge will no longer host copies of SpaceFM’s source archives, as Sourceforge is under new ownership and there have been some questionable malware practices with other projects. Plus, those files are no longer being created. However, SpaceFM’s forum will still be hosted on Sourceforge for now.

The new location for downloading source archives is Github Releases. Signed source archives and other packages are no longer being created. (If you want to check a GPG signature, see the new README.)

The README file has been rewritten, and contains some new sections, including on how to use git to get SpaceFM.

That’s a summary of the changes underway, and udevil will be seeing similar changes in a bit. For more details on the above changes, or to participate in testing, please see Issue #571.

Why? This project is several years old, and is suffering from a bit of sprawl in terms of sites managed, packages created, etc. In order to spend less time on overhead like that, the release process is being streamlined, and most of the work is now being done within git. This is also more feasible now that SpaceFM and udevil are more widely known and are available in most distros’ repos, meaning they can pick up the packaging work and I can focus on development.

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SpaceFM 1.0.3 Released

SpaceFM 1.0.3 has been released, and you can see the changes. Main highlights of this release are that the icon chooser now works in GTK3 builds, and handlers can now be imported/exported, so custom ones you create can be shared on the wiki. Also, non-latin keyboard shortcuts should now work better, and some issues involving some terminals (lxterminal, urxvtc, konsole, gnome-terminal, lilyterm) have been addressed.

SpaceFM has seen some nice improvements the last few months (the 1.0 series), including OmegaPhil’s work on adding an icon chooser dialog. This allows you to select icons visually, which is nice because SpaceFM allows you to change any icon in the application, using almost any icon or image file. The toolbar has also been redesigned, allowing you to right-click directly on toolbar items to configure the toolbar using design mode. And the bookmarks pane was partially extended, now including submenus and separators, and allowing not just bookmarks, but commands and applications to be bookmarked there. Video thumbnails are supported along with extra large icons, plus a new Large Icons mode for detailed and compact list views. Finally, customisable handlers were added for devices, protocols, archives, and files. And all of this is now pretty well debugged and stable.

As promised, development on SpaceFM and udevil has been active but slower lately, but these are mature projects that have been running very well, and mostly bug-free. Critical issues that do arise are usually addressed promptly. The plan is to keep these projects running and bugfixed for the foreseeable future, with occasional feature additions and other developments.

Summer doesn’t usually inspire much coding from me or work at the computer – I’d rather be mountain climbing and hiking. And I’m still pondering which OS direction to take, mainly weighing OpenBSD vs systemd-free Linux choices. I will probably get into that more again in the coming months, and I’ll share anything good I find. For now progress in that area has stalled, but I’ve been enjoying the break and look forward to approaching it with a fresh perspective when I get to it.

Hope everyone is having a good summer/winter, depending your hemispheric preference. Feel free to drop any related Linux/BSD/GTK/etc news in the comments below.

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