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Linus Flipped Like A Burger? QAnon, Trump, Tor, And The Deeper State

Has Linus been flipped? 4D chess, or not? Recommended reading (including the comments):

Linux developers threaten to pull “kill switch”.

What happened Linus?

Ftr, I am a socially progressive, socialist-leaning, freedom-loving American who supports #QAnon [going global] #WWG1WGA #ConfirmKavanaugh #DrainTheSwamp #Walkaway #SethRich #FreeAssange #unrig, #POTUS vs #DeepState #Treason, President Donald Trump, General Michael Flynn. Some very brave people are changing the world. Enjoy the show.

A few Q-style crumbs from an old cypherpunk contemporary of ]JA[…

Who invented Tor?
USN involvement?
Before what event?

Who controls USD? [Who owns those notes?]
Who controls a blockchain?

Why is Linux important?
Why was DS #Google Android based on Linux?
What runs the Internet?
End run?

Why is this important now?

Assange’s last video before communications cut at Ecuadorian Embassy in London

Buckle up and best wishes.

September 23, 2018 - Posted by | News


  1. Who ran a SJW hit piece on Linus? [The New Yorker]
    Who ran a SJW hit piece on Trump’s SC pick? [The New Yorker]

    Do you believe in qoincidences?

    Who controls the kernel? Linus
    Who had tried to get control for years? [Red Hat = Google = Big Tech]
    What does Red Hat dictatorially control development of in Linux? [systemd, udev, udisks, xorg, FSF, GNOME, GTK…]

    SJW attacks are signature of Cabal. Why would Cabal/RH/Google/BigTech do an SJW mob attack on Linus/kernel devs if they already had control?

    Who is in control?

    “Patriots are in control.”

    Who invented the Internet? DARPA

    What runs most of the Internet? Linux

    Linux of likely interest to DARPA/MILINT/Q? Since inception? Only logical?

    What change does the Linus departure represent? Part of the plan? Desperation? Oversight? Breech? Flip? Fork?

    If you want global, long-term tight control of information/narrative, the free Linux ecosystem just won’t do. How do you attack it? Google Borgification? Red Hat poisoned userland? Big Tech connections? SJW revolution?

    Who controls RH/Google/BigTech? [Cabal+NSA+CIA]
    Who uses SJW tactics, character attacks, corporate fascism? [Cabal+NSA+CIA]
    Who has been seen attacking Linux development using these devices? [Cabal+NSA+CIA]
    Who has been challenging Cabal and NSA/CIA/5Eyes factions? [Trump = Q = MILINT/DARPA faction?]
    Did Trump just install an Inspector General in the NSA who ran one of the best whistleblower programs?

    Do you believe in qoincidences?

    How can power be returned to the people (Q goal) if the Internet/information isn’t free?

    Comment by IgnorantGuru | September 23, 2018

  2. Thank you for posting your thoughts and researchs.

    Linux and Linux forums have been infiltrated for a long long time, the same as Buddhist forums and other forums available. Infiltrated by pretending to be left wing, sceptical, rational and scientific people (who cunningly pretend to be on the right high morally way of any Buddhist, Christians, Socialists. etc. all Fabian Society like infiltrated).

    But far from that. Those are not sceptical, are not rational, are not scientific and are actually religious not pretending it but practising it on a hidden but obvious way.

    What religion? Think about something close to Satanic and Babylonian. Not joking. Please research.

    Satan main gift is to pretend that it doesn’t exist.

    I am not religious any more but believe that many people still are religious and worship Satan, lucifer, Moloch, Ishtar and other ancient demons. Many of them Bankers, politicians and Hollywood actors and country and rock singers. All of them practice paedophilia as a religious command and as an habit hard to get rid of.

    Please research. Laurel Cannyon, Hollywood, Cathy O’Bryan, MK Ultra, McPhisto, etc.

    Thanks for opening your eyes.

    Comment by Ellwood Blue | September 26, 2018

    • Well said. Jim Marrs last book, The Illuminati, details some history of these secret societies really well. Jim was an excellent researcher and historian. His Rise Of The Fourth Reich is also well worth reading. The historical details are eye-opening for those of us who need concrete facts, and they place current events in a deeper perspective. David Icke, despite how he may appear at first, is also very well informed, going more ‘out there’, which this stuff does. Truth is stranger than fiction!

      It is a very, very old cult(s) in the world, and why people even in modern nations have remained so enslaved, children disappear into horrors by the thousands, etc. The QAnon team, apparently a military intelligence counter-coup with Trump, has been showing us they’ve been fighting and taking down this cult or its actors. Having tracked this for several decades, I have witnessed things happen recently I never thought I would see. I’ve seen some real results unfolding. Things are shifting. Huge things.

      I put the rhetoric aside and track actual events, actions taken, not so much words spoken. “Know a tree by its fruits.” I have noted that this QAnon team has indeed been hitting them hard and unraveling their networks. No one in history has ever done what they’re doing. They’ve got real resources (USMC etc), and I think they do believe in their country and principles. I like their style of getting shit done, no excuses. We will see if they hold to them, and really return power to people (disclosures and declassification is key to this, vs backroom deals).

      This does tie into Linux, where I’ve been tracking Red Hat/Google’s infiltration for years on this blog. I shared the above analysis on QAnon to let others here know which train I’ve boarded.

      So like Ellwood Blue, I encourage everyone to track the QAnon drops and narrative, track actual events. This is an information war, so it’s good to not get too caught up in media, spin, religion, ideologies, etc. I certainly am not very ‘conservative’ by most measures, unlike many involved with Trump and QAnon, but for some things all people must unite.

      Turn on the lights! Shine light into these dark places in humanity, and keep unfolding greater freedom through strength. I have no use for neoliberal nor neocon approaches, they are false, con jobs.

      Goodbye, Mr. Google.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | September 27, 2018

  3. When I learned about the spying I moved from Windows to Linux and bounced around some of the distros. A year later I learned about systemd and I realized I’d been had again. Then I found your blog and learned about OpenBSD and moved over there. Since then I’ve learned it is not enough to have a secure OS, you must also have a computer the 5 Eyes cabal hasn’t ruined, and an open source BIOS. Phew! Basic security is hard work.

    Just a few days ago I read that in my country, my government is actually trying sneak through a law without any discussion, that encryption on consumer devices must be weakened, so they can break into our systems. Soon I bet these people will try to make it illegal to own a secure computer and OS. The establishment is clearly terrified of their own citizens. They are losing it.

    Comment by Greyhawk | September 27, 2018

  4. Thank you for your comments.
    Here a couple of relevant videos:

    Comment by Elwood Blue | September 28, 2018

  5. Hey IgnorantGuru, following is not directly related to the topic, but have you seen this?
    Red Hat is at it again. Quote: “Sadly, it’s obvious Red Hat developers working on flatpak do not care about security, yet the self-proclaimed goal is to replace desktop application distribution – a cornerstone of linux security.”
    was featured also here: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/10/new-website-claims-flatpak-is-a-security-nightmare

    Comment by Anonymous | October 11, 2018

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