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SpaceFM 1.0.1 and udevil 0.4.4 Released

SpaceFM 1.0.1 and udevil 0.4.4 have been released.

May 4, 2015 - Posted by | Software


  1. How can I create relative symlinks (ln -sr) by drag and drop directory/file (any shortcut + drag), or only “real” symlinks are available in spacefm?

    Comment by tome | May 4, 2015

    • Hi tome, the only way to create relative symlinks is to right-click on the file list and select New|Link. The Target box allows editing so you can enter your relative target there.

      Your other option is to add a custom command to the menu to do it via paste. See my Paste Into plugin for a working example of using the clipboard. You can probably change that into a ‘Paste Relative Link’ command fairly easily. (DnD isn’t currently supported via socket commands, so you can’t make a custom command that uses it.) If you need help with the bash commands just let me know.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | May 4, 2015

  2. Thanks a lot, got it!

    Comment by tome | May 5, 2015

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