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GNOME 2 Hardware Monitor Applet Ported to XFCE4

IgnorantGuru has invited me to post about potentially useful GNU/Linux projects I’m working on, so here goes!

I am a refugee from GNOME 2 like I assume a fair few of the readers here are, ending up on XFCE4 after some positive experiences early on and the great Linus’ recommendation. One hole I haven’t managed to fill until now is a proper network bandwidth graph in the panel (I used NetMeter for many years under Windows and then Hardware Monitor) – so after finally getting some C and C++ progression, I have managed to port the Hardware Monitor applet to XFCE4! It has reached Works For Me™ status for a week now:

XFCE4 Hardware Monitor Applet - Network bandwidth graph in panel

The screenshot is proof of the applet running in XFCE4 along with showing the applet – two Separators delimit the graph on the right, with the red line tracking upload and the green download (the numbers on the far right are from the separate Network Monitor applet).

Hardware Monitor can do a lot more than just a bandwidth graph – see the current maintainer’s site for screenshots.


Source available on the xfce4-applet branch of my github repo, Debian archives available on the pkg branch – based on Debian Testing (but usable on all modern Debian and Ubuntu releases).


This release is a bit of an experiment – please report issues on the issue tracker – I’m not after feature requests, although I would love to add some text reporting the graph maximum at some point.

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