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New Translation Sites For SpaceFM & udevil

It’s now much easier to help translate SpaceFM and udevil into your language. You can visit the Transifex SpaceFM and udevil projects, sign up for a free Transifex account, and use their online editor to translate strings. This way it’s not necessary for one person to do all the work – you can add some translated strings whenever you like. Visit the projects to see how much is remaining to be translated in your language (you may need to reload the page once or twice to see all of them listed for some reason).

There’s also a new Translate page on the wiki for more info. Also see the introduction to translating on Transifex.

Thanks to Delix for helping to set this up!

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SpaceFM 0.8.6

SpaceFM 0.8.6 is available. This release includes new Path Bar functionality and other changes as detailed in SpaceFM News.

Feedback is welcome on how the new Path Bar is working for you.

Users of my PPA please note that the following SpaceFM packages are now available: spacefm (GTK2), spacefm-gtk3, and spacefm-hal, plus udevil. At least two Debian packagers are working on getting official Debian packages available – hopefully that will materialize soon.

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