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udevil 0.4.0

udevil 0.4.0 is available. This release adds support for WebDAV via davfs2, so you can mount http:// and https:// URLs to edit WebDAV-enabled websites (these URLs will also now work in SpaceFM’s path bar when used with udevil 0.4.0 or later). For details on using WebDAV and other minor changes in this release, please see udevil News.

Also, SpaceFM with udevil is now the default file manager in the latest release of ArchPup (13.2), the new Debian sid-based distro VSIDO, and will be the new default file manager in the upcoming release of SliTaz.

February 11, 2013 - Posted by | Software

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  1. Wow, congrats on becoming the default for SliTaz. That’s a pretty big step, since it’s a well-known minimal distro!

    I recently switched from standard {u}mount to udevil and it’s easier than ever to manage removable media. I don’t need to manage fstab or udev rules anymore! A huge upgrade compared to my old removable disk management. Kudos. :)

    Comment by sporkbox | February 12, 2013

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