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Upcoming Magazine Article

I’m pleased to announce that an article I wrote will be appearing in the upcoming print issue of Linux User & Developer™ magazine. The article, A Linux Conspiracy Theory, is originally based on my November blog article GNOME (et al): Rotting In Threes, trimming down some of the quoted materials there, and integrating some of the discussions and bug reports which followed. In addition, related issues affecting kernel development and other areas of Linux are analyzed in this context, bringing together a larger picture of what is happening in Linux.

Linux User & Developer Issue #122 on sale January 17th

Much thanks to their editor, Russell Barnes, for working with me on this and helping to bring these issues to greater attention.

Linux User & Developer magazine is available worldwide in printed, online and digital forms, including iPad, Android tablets, and PCs. This 6-page feature article will go live in Issue #122 on sale January 17th (in the US, look for it in stores 2-3 weeks later). Look for this cover:

Linux User & Developer Issue #122 on sale January 17th

Thanks for picking up a copy and checking it out! UPDATE: You can now read this article here.

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