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Gentoo On systemd, Torvalds On Bullshit, udev Forked

As a followup to my previous reservations about systemd and the means of its introduction, there is a very informative discussion happening on Gentoo Forums, including design flaws of systemd, the consolekit problem, and the expenses of policykit. I think the Gentoo community and philosophy really shines there:

“…it’s because everything he comes out with wants to take over our machines, with a mess of so-called “integration” requiring changes across the board. Til he finally realises what everyone was on about, and drops the project for his next shiny adventure, leaving everyone else to pick up the pieces.”steveL

Elsewhere, Linus Torvalds is heard to “call bullshit” (and more!) on Kay Sievers’s excuses and poor maintenance. It’s nice to see Linus is aware of what’s going on.

Further, a udev fork is already underway and gaining popularity, which is good due to the aforementioned problems with udev maintenance and mission creep. Hopefully this will grow into a strong and independent replacement.

At the very least, it’s great to see there is a population of Linux users, admins and devs who are aware of the implications of these changes, and that they’re already exploring alternatives.

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