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SpaceFM Testing: New Queue

The next branch of SpaceFM (what will become the 0.8.1 release) has some new queuing capabilities for running tasks that took shape pretty well. It can use some thorough testing on a variety of systems – now that SpaceFM is more widely used I’m trying to keep the master branch fairly stable. So if you can help with testing, you can install the next branch by following the BUILD NEXT instructions in the README (or on Arch Linux use the AUR spacefm-git package). I think you’ll have fun playing with it (I know I am). Even if you installed SpaceFM from a package, you can try next out by simply pasting those commands as-is into a terminal (even paste them all the lines at once if you like, just like a single command). Then you can always reinstall the 0.8.0 package to revert.

It’s running great in my tests, but when using the next branch it’s good to update every day or so, so you get the latest adjustments. You can always see what’s happening in next.

If you’d just like to read about the new features, or use the docs to compare with actual behavior, the next manual has a new section which fully documents the Task Manager. So if you’ve always wondered what Tasks|Errors|Stop If First does, now you can know its secrets.

Also, you may have noticed the new Donate buttons on this blog and the SpaceFM website. Obviously I don’t develop this software for money, but I do invest hundreds of hours in it, so even if a small tip or donation rolls in occasionally it does help me out. So thanks for keeping me in mind. Also, by request I added Flattr, which is a microdonations alternative to PayPal. Looks interesting if you haven’t seen it, and it was easy to work with. The Donations page has the skinny.

September 21, 2012 - Posted by | Software


  1. I gotta say that your README is one of the most complete and well-written that I’ve seen out there. It covers build instructions, whether or not your project’s available on a user’s distro, and more. More developers should write READMEs like that, including me!

    Comment by sporkbox | September 22, 2012

    • Thanks, I try to make it clear so anyone can use it. Also, the distro list is not comprehensive as I’m not always informed, so always best to check with your distro first. But spacefm usually builds without trouble.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | September 22, 2012

  2. I think that the main parts of linux distro’s are the UI (shell), window manager and file manager. We see it with linux mint with cinnamon, muffin and nemo, forked off of gnome, kde, xfce etc. So I am curious whether you are willing to take in to the next level and build a new distro based on spacefm yourself and with the most compatible UI and wm to spacefm.

    Comment by Σταύρος Δαλιακόπουλος | September 23, 2012

    • I have thought about this kind of thing – spacefm lends itself to expansive ideas – but that’s a large commitment to consider and spacefm dev is my primary focus for now. We’ll see how it evolves.

      I think Openbox is a good choice if you want a simple desktop with spacefm. Almost any distro can be used to setup such a system. spacefm is also the default fm in PartedMagic (a great live rescue cd), and in Foresight, a new distro just getting started.

      Lately I’ve been using Aptosid (Debian sid) with plain Openbox as my wm. It’s a pretty simple system that way. (I also disable some of the stuff in Debian).

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | September 24, 2012

      • I agree that spacefm and openbox is a good match. The missing piece is a nice shell, and I think a candidate is http://razor-qt.org/. I was looking at http://siduction.org/index.php?module=news&func=display&sid=115&lang=en. Its a good try but they have to fix some things [html installer !? wtf, replace ceni-no-one had heard this before.with network manager, some nice more usable apps like geany etc.]

        Comment by Σταύρος Δαλιακόπουλος | September 24, 2012

        • Iguru, did you know about “spaceman” version of lubuntu? http://webpath.net/node/127

          Comment by Σταύρος Δαλιακόπουλος | October 1, 2012

          • No I hadn’t seen that – thanks for pointing it out! (spaceman is also the name of a fork of the pacman package manager, just for reference)

            A distro’s LXDE or XFCE flavor tends to be a good lightweight starting point for a spacefm system. Or if you don’t want any DE, you can just use Openbox by itself and choose whatever apps you want, plus a task bar (eg lxpanel or xfcepanel), etc. I think it’s great to choose your own apps – one of the advantages of getting free from a particular DE. I like geany, claws-mail, firefox, gimp, geeqie, vlc and/or mplayer, openoffice (or libreoffice, etc)

            Comment by IgnorantGuru | October 1, 2012

            • That is also my favorite set of apps.
              As for “spaceman” lubuntu, I noticed that it also includes PcManFM, which is annoying. Also some of the less usefull like *leafpad* (no unicode support), *osmo* (useless; gmail).

              Comment by Σταύρος Δαλιακόπουλος | October 2, 2012

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