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SpaceFM Update

SpaceFM 0.7.11 (see changes) and udevil 0.3.2 (see changes) have been released.

SpaceFM is now 7 months old! (First test release was January 13, 2012, although I was using it before then. ;) SpaceFM has been running well in most regards – I haven’t received any reports of crashes or hangs for a month or two, and there are no such critical issues open anymore. (If you do encounter any instability, please report it – distros and installations can vary.) I plan to remove the ‘beta’ sticker soon, possibly in the next release. There are plenty of more minor GUI and functional issues still pending, but hopefully they don’t seriously interfere with usability.

Out of beta, SpaceFM will remain unfinished, prototypical and experimental in nature, as this is my file manager too, and I’m always hacking it in the next branch. But I also try to keep core features stable in master branch releases, even as new features are added. Being a single developer project, it’s easier to maintain this stability (not so many spoons stirring the soup), but it is a complex application.

I developed SpaceFM to introduce some new ideas on what a Linux command line and GUI combo could do, and to provide a useful, consistently stable file manager. I’ve been very pleased and somewhat overwhelmed by its reception. It already has a flagship distro running as Parted Magic‘s default file manager (for a few months now), and is included in a number of distros. I’ve also received lots of feedback, suggestions, requests, and useful problem reports over the months that have already improved it greatly, and will continue to do so.

I’m still adjusting to managing a project of this size. With the ratio of developers to users, I perpetually feel like I’m not doing a sufficient job keeping up – the TODO list gets longer every month despite whatever I remove, mostly due to good ideas, mine and others’.

I always try to make bug reports, especially serious ones, top priority. And for its first six months, I’ve made an extra effort to support SpaceFM aggressively – give it a solid start until established. While development activity may now slow at times (especially during these summer months), I still plan on improving SpaceFM as time goes on. Suggestions are welcome as always – just remember the waiting line is long. Nor is it necessarily a first in/first out list – a somewhat complex formula determines what is done next.

Next up, in addition to addressing bug reports and some requests as always, I’m working on some ideas to expand SpaceFM’s custom command capabilities. The plan (part of the original design) is to build some zenity-type functionality into SpaceFM, so custom commands can conveniently create dialogs to interact with the user. Also, I plan to add some communication between custom commands and SpaceFM’s socket, perhaps allowing them to interact with the GUI more. This will be a gradual design and development, and how long it takes will depend on my available time as well as how smoothly it goes.

Thanks again for the many contributions to SpaceFM and its little brother udevil in the form of user feedback, translations, packaging, artwork, donations, etc. – it really is a collaborative effort. In case you may think I ignored your idea or input, I didn’t. I consider it all, and while I may not implement every suggestion in this project, especially as quickly as you might want, the more ideas in the pool, the better this and future software becomes.

If you’re impatient and know some C, or just want to try something different, feel free to fork the Github repo and carry on. I don’t mind forks or borrowed ideas. In fact that’s one reason I released SpaceFM – to put some ideas out there which I know I alone can’t fully develop.

Also, there are now complete translations for SpaceFM in French and Russian, and a partial one for Swedish. udevil has only a Russian translation. If you are multi-lingual, please consider contributing a translation for your language(s) to SpaceFM and/or udevil. Instructions are available in TRANSLATE. udevil is a quick job. SpaceFM is a bit of work, but with a few translators ahead of you, some of the kinks have been worked out. A translation doesn’t have to be perfect or complete to be useful, so you can work on it and submit updates a little at a time.

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  1. please i can be a translator, but i’m very interesting that spacefm dont relye in pcmanfm drivation of main objetives (apart light, low on requeriments)

    currently pcmanfm need a very high requeriments (a recent glib 2.2.6 as minimun for working file monitoring and recent gvfs 1.7 as minimun.. ) makes unusable in many old machnes..

    the problem are if i have a powerfully machines, for what need a light component if i have very very power.. just install nautilus-puach or konkeror/dolphin and so..

    u notice that recent software needs some requeriments in hardware.. so install recent gtk/glib/gvfs in older machines relies in install many recent software components that relies in low performance..

    if spacefm copiles and install with older distributions.. works for many many olders machines.. so then works and will be used in many countries of latin america and taiwan/asian …

    please think about it!

    related: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3561354&group_id=156956&atid=801864

    Comment by PICCORO Lenz McKAY | August 30, 2012

    • Yes spacefm can use translators. Please see the TRANSLATE file to get started – let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | August 30, 2012

      • its clarely u dont read complety..

        but if spacefm dont servers to our pourposes, its a waste of time for my team.. we are a russian, a italian, german and spanish available for help us, also we have little skills in C/qt4 but in few minutes i see that space fm its a waste of requeriments on many high versions of software..

        sorry but spacefm need too much software requeriments.. if u fixed u will gain a lot fo resource help.. and users of sourse..

        Comment by PICCORO Lenz McKAY | August 30, 2012

        • SpaceFM was developed with some sources from earlier projects, and those sources are where many of the version requirements come from. Some dependencies have been removed, with few added, but the version requirements will not generally go down due to the sources in use.

          Most of spacefm’s dependencies are lightweight components, so older machines should be able to run them efficiently, but they will need to update to the somewhat newer versions (not the latest). I realize that’s a challenge due to other components that may not run as well in newer distro versions, etc.

          Comment by IgnorantGuru | August 30, 2012

          • umm sounds like u defereded guilty of dependences to original sources, but original source (including today pcmanfm) compiles in lenny included, while spacefm dont compile if u are not into sid!

            anyway.. its not swicht able to older software.. people in latin america need that work even in newer software and older too… pcmanfm does that, but as u, now they not like support that think of backguard..!

            theres no fun in light software if requieres heavy/moderm components…


            Comment by PICCORO Lenz McKAY | August 31, 2012

            • Although spacefm contains source from the legacy pcmanfm (0.5.2), it is not closely related to the current pcmanfm which uses gvfs, etc.

              I’m not sure how you’re compiling pcmanfm on lenny as lenny doesn’t even include libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 – that is the typical problem there. Even the old pcmanfm 0.5.2 – several years old now – required libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0, although the newer version may use another component for that. I know spacefm compiles on debian testing, not just sid. But lenny uses very old components and doesn’t even provide some that are already several years old. The next debian stable should compile spacefm.

              As for udev, I’ve gotten some feedback that older versions work okay, but 173 is the requirement due to the need for kernel polling if udisks is not used.

              Aside from lenny, I’m not aware of any distros that can’t compile it. At any rate, you’ll need to be specific about what dependencies or versions are causing you problems, and what versions you would require. But it would likely not be a simple matter to lower the version requirements.

              I’m no fan of the way Linux handles libraries and makes older software unusable, but it’s not a problem which affects spacefm alone. In order to remove/avoid some large dependencies like udisks and gvfs, some other libraries were used, but none are particularly new or heavy.

              Comment by IgnorantGuru | August 31, 2012

              • newer releases of debian or software depends are not interest.. old pcman and newer dont need gdk-pixburg.. u use too many call to newers features.. and forgive the essential..

                for u knowledge, pcmanfm work with lenny backports (glib 2.22, udev 124, gvfs 1.5, gtk 2.18, cairo 1.8.6)
                notice and remenber, why i install a software unstable if requires same or more thant others more stable..

                i cite u for downgrade requeriments in spacefm and i promote as default file manager in older distributions and little ones like DSL and similar.. also in multimedia like as venenux

                think about it! many people that cant ship a moder machine and not have internet connection will have u’r file manager as default and for ever.. updates and updates seem like mocosoft type software… are u mososoft like?

                Comment by PICCORO Lenz McKAY | August 31, 2012

                • > old pcman and newer dont need gdk-pixburg

                  That is incorrect as pcmanfm 0.5.2 depends on libgdk-pixbuf, as does pcmanfm-mod which you seem to have on your site.

                  You’re welcome to open a support request asking that some other versions be supported. But the ones you listed are likely too old – it would involve a lot of work to downgrade them, and as I said, libgdk-pixbuf is not in lenny. It is unlikely I will invest my time in this unless it’s something minor. spacefm is just leaving beta now, so it was developed on somewhat newer versions, and incorporated other code that used newer versions.

                  Comment by IgnorantGuru | August 31, 2012

                  • i’ll let u the links to ETCH build of pcmanfm-mod with the lowest depends and no pixbuf its need.. https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/venenuxsarisari/0jC23AW-Akg

                    so lets doit, i’ll open a request.. and we cant get mutual benefits … our teams.. right?

                    in request on github i post apt-cache output of depens, no pixbuf required… in older pcmanf, newer and mod variants…

                    and i see redhat related post.. i dont like windoze distributions due that!

                    Comment by PICCORO Lenz McKAY | August 31, 2012

              • ah think also related u said some thing similar to i said, in the redhat related post.. redhat its a mososoft like …. updates and updates.. changes and changes..

                Comment by PICCORO Lenz McKAY | August 31, 2012

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