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udevil 0.2.9

udevil 0.2.9 has been released. This updates adds the ability for users to mount and unmount tmpfs and ramfs filesystems (if allowed in udevil.conf) – udevil treats them as removable drives and mounts them to /media.

udevil is now included with SpaceFM as the default mounting solution in Parted Magic. Also, antiX-12 base and full will come with spacefm and udevil installed.

For other changes to udevil 0.2.9, please see the release notes.

June 29, 2012 - Posted by | Software


  1. Thanks for this.

    Just to let you know antiX-12 base and full will come with spacefm_0.7.8 and udevil_0.2.9 installed.

    Comment by anticapitalista | June 29, 2012

    • Thanks, I updated the above info and the website. I don’t know your timing, but the next spacefm release should be within a week or so. This will significantly improve performance with network filesystems. You can currently test it as a work in progress on the next branch (see BUILD NEXT section of the README).

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | June 30, 2012

      • I’ll wait for the next spacefm version to go final and then add it to the antiX repo (if we have already released) or if not, it will be in the final.

        Many antiX users have asked for a simple way to mount windows files via samba or whatever. Hopefully, spacefm will do that for them. (I don’t know as I don’t use windows on any of my boxes to test it out).

        Comment by anticapitalista | July 4, 2012

        • spacefm does mount samba shares if udevil is installed and configured to allow it. Eg enter ‘smb://sambahost/sharename’ in the path bar. But there is a problem in udevil 0.2.9 and prior if specifying a username (eg ‘smb://USER@sambahost/sharename’), and spacefm 0.7.8 and prior mav have some lag issues when copying large files. The next version of udevil and spacefm should work better for smb.

          Comment by IgnorantGuru | July 4, 2012

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