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SpaceFM 0.7.5

SpaceFM 0.7.5 has been released, which removes any requirement for udisks, and adds support for udisks2 and pmount. You can read all the details on the News page.

Also, please note that the location of the PPA has changed. Please update your sources.list to continue receiving updates (same for sandfox, devmon and other software hosted there).

April 14, 2012 - Posted by | Software


  1. I tried install from Arch’s AUR, but failed. Didn’t pass validity check.

    Comment by Abu Harits | April 14, 2012

    • Thanks – the validity check should be corrected.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | April 14, 2012

  2. Running antiX. Installation fine.

    However, very slow to open spacefm – like 10 seconds, compared to .7.4 version which opened instantly.
    I guess the issue is pmount auto-mounting floppy drive (a broken one). Would it not be better for spacefm default to not auto-mount.

    Here is running in a terminal.

    Automount: /usr/bin/pmount /dev/fd0

    Quit, then open again.

    Automount: /usr/bin/pmount /dev/fd0
    Error: could not lock the mount directory. Another pmount is probably running for this mount point.

    As you can see pmount doesn’t close cleanlly when spacefm quits.
    I killall -9 pmount to get back to the beginning, open spacefm again to set auto-mount disabled for all devices, save session then quit.

    Automount: /usr/bin/pmount /dev/fd0
    TASK_COMMAND=/usr/bin/pmount /dev/fd0
    SPAWN=/bin/bash  /tmp/spacefm-antiX-083a5226.tmp/433dc182-tmp.sh  run
        pid = 10880
    child finished  pid=10880 exit_status=2048

    Restart again and no errors in terminal. However, in all instances, it takes 10 secs or more to open.

    Comment by anticapitalista | April 16, 2012

    • It’s unusual for a floppy to automount, as usually the ‘no policy’ is set, but that can vary. You can stop it from auto-mounting and unmounting the floppy by adding -/dev/fd0 to Settings|Auto Mount|Mount Volumes. I am considering making Unmount On Exit no longer the default. But I think auto-mounting is expected.

      As for the startup delay, you can explore whether pmount and auto-mounting is the issue by disabling auto-mounting. pmount is run asynchonously so spacefm shouldn’t be waiting for it. Maybe the broken floppy is causing a delayed response from udev. 0.7.5 starts slightly faster for me than 0.7.4 and thus far there have been no other reports of a startup delay. If necessary I can add some debug info to narrow down where that’s happening. Thanks for the feedback.

      Also, you could try selecting Properties on the floppy – is the response delayed, and what info is shown?

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | April 16, 2012

  3. I made the changes you suggested, but there is still a 10 sec. delay when opening spacefm.
    Properties on floppy shows this : (and it took ages to open)

    /dev/fd0 removable mountable
    /dev/fd0      (null)  4K  ( not mounted )
    ( not found )
    Showing information for /dev/fd0
      native-path:                 /sys/devices/platform/floppy.0/block/fd0
      device:                      2:0
      device-file:                 /dev/fd0
        presentation:              /dev/fd0
      system internal:             0
      removable:                   1
      has media:                   1
      is read only:                0
      is mounted:                  0
      mount paths:                 
      presentation hide:           0
      presentation nopolicy:       0
      presentation name:           
      presentation icon:           
      automount hint:              
      size:                        4096
      block size:                  512
        vendor:                    Floppy Drive
        detachable:                0
        ejectable:                 0
        interface:                 platform
        if speed:                  (unknown)

    Comment by anticapitalista | April 16, 2012

    • Assuming showing Properties on /dev/fd0 is the only one that has the delay, then it appears getting udev info on the broken floppy is the source of the startup delay (it gets info on all devices at startup). This is no way to prevent that short of removing or disabling the device. I’ll add some debug info to the next branch to help determine more specifically where the delay is. I do have a floppy drive and doesn’t cause a problem. I suggest you open an issue on this providing the above info – thanks.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | April 16, 2012

  4. Will do. Maybe the issue is elsewhere though. I’ll try with a different kernel.

    Comment by anticapitalista | April 16, 2012

  5. This is not at all technical, still …

    I always found the detailed list view of GTK based file managers like Nautilus, Thunar, PCManFM and now SpaceFM, look busy and irritating because the sorted column has different background colors from the other columns. This not only looks ugly but, more importantly, it makes reading horizontal lines more difficult. The eyes virtually stumble over such an irregularity in the line.

    A short while ago I came across this implementation of PCManFM-Mod in Austrumi …

    … which in my eyes is a big improvement over the default looks of PCManFM. The continuous thin line separators calm down the overall appearance of the FM and improve the readability of the lines. Horizontally alternating (but continuous!!!) background colors would have a similar effect. The main thing is to avoid any horizontal disruption for the sorted column. Marking the tab at the top of the column is enough to indicate which column is sorted.

    The development of SpaceFM is still going on and it’s getting better from release to release. Maybe this is the moment for SpaceFM to distinguish itself from other file managers not only with its technical excellence but also in, what is generally considered to be, the cosmetics department? :-)

    Comment by Lumpy Gravy | April 21, 2012

    • I agree with you about the interruption of the horizontal line, but afaik this is strictly a gtk theme issue, so that is the place to address it, either by selecting a theme that doesn’t use a different background color for the sort column, or modifying an existing theme. I certainly don’t use a theme that uses such colors. Without a theme, gtk does color it this way, so this seems to be a gtk default.

      The gtktreeview widget, which is what handles the file list, allows the app to set a hint for the alternating background colors of rows. SpaceFM sets that hint – I think alternating row colors help readability across rows, yet this is just a hint – it is up to the user’s gtk theme whether these are finally shown or how.

      There is no such hint for the sorted column color that I’m aware of, but you’re welcome to look over the functions here and here. SpaceFM sets the column sort indicator in the column header only. It’s up to the theme how the sort is indicated. To control this SpaceFM would have to override the user’s theme, which is messy and not usually done – the purpose of the theme being to allow the user to control such colors via theme selection.

      Also, how to test alternate gtk themes with SpaceFM without changing your default theme. If you like Austrumi’s default theme, I would suggest using that – it should make SpaceFM look like your image.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | April 21, 2012

      • Thanks for your reply, Guru. I had already suspected that the whole thing might be related to global gtk and gtk-theme settings because in Austrumi the Gslapt file list has the same sort of good looks as the detailed list view in PCManFM-Mod. I nicked the “Human 2” skin from Austrumi and used it to recreate the effects in my own Slitaz 3.0 environment but, alas, it didn’t work. While most of the skin elements showed up properly, the one thing I was really after, the un-scattered detailed list view in PCManFM didn’t. But I got interested now and I will “study” the whole gtk-theme issue when I find the time …

        Comment by Lumpy Gravy | April 21, 2012

  6. hi,
    first of all, thank you for your soft, it’s quiet excellent.
    Before spacefm, I was using pcmanfm-mod with devmon and my sansa fuze (a mp3 player) was mounting as a partition and the sd card inside as an other partition…now only the sd card inside the player mounts…
    Another thing, could you add an option for no automount?
    Thank you again
    It’s very important to have good softs as yours that are desktop independant

    Comment by jarbowski | May 2, 2012

    • Hi, thanks for your feedback. You can read about the automount settings. For the partition which is not automounting, you might try adding it to Auto Mount|Mount Volumes. If you run spacefm from a terminal, debug info will be displayed in the terminal window as automounts are attempted, etc. If that doesn’t help, please open an issue and provide the partition’s properties (right-click on the partition and select Properties) and the terminal output. If the partition isn’t listed, you may need to check some of the Show options.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | May 3, 2012

      • hi,
        my problem is solved.
        I don’t know if it’s with the 0.7.6 version and/or the new consolekit package…
        thanks again

        Comment by jarbowski | May 6, 2012

  7. And what about trash can? Does SpaceFM support it? If not, do you plan to develop this featute?

    Comment by Anonymous | May 18, 2012

    • There are a number of plugins now for trash support. The most developed is probably Corbeille-SpaceFM. There aren’t any plans to build this directly into spacefm – not to say it won’t happen at some point.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | May 18, 2012

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