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SpaceFM On Github

SpaceFM and most of my other projects such as devmon, sandfox, etc, are moving to github. I’ve slowly been accumulating multiple versions of multiple projects for multiple distros hosted on multiple sites for multiple users for multiple years! The move to github should streamline my work greatly. With github I can do the work locally and then upload it all from the command line. This should allow me to devote more time to the OSS projects themselves and less time to overhead.

I think this is also good news for users in a number of ways. For one, git includes built-in integrity mechanisms with strong hashes. This makes tampering very evident and means that when you download from github, you shouldn’t need to verify authenticity. However, I will still be PGP signing all of my source and installation packages.

All of the Sourceforge links are still working, and SpaceFM will continue to be hosted there for awhile at least.

SpaceFM’s new homepage is here, which contains updated links for the rest. You’ll note the new icons and graphics there, which will also be included in the next release of SpaceFM (0.7.3). These graphics were created by Goran Simovic and contributed to the SpaceFM projects, so much thanks!

I’m really pleased with how these icons are working, and they are available in several colors and geometric designs. If you’re in a big hurry to use them, you can grab them off the next branch on github in the data folder. (That branch contains the source for the upcoming release of SpaceFM at any given time, a work in progress, while the master branch contains the last stable release, currently 0.7.2. Signed source and installation packages are available in the packages subfolder.)

SpaceFM’s old wiki is now essentially closed, and material has been moved to the new wiki. The new wiki and issue tracker require a login (just signup for a free github account).

Moving all of this material has delayed work on SpaceFM, but it will be worth it over time. I’ve been rewriting my scripts which build and package my projects so they work with github. I’ve also been sidetracked digging into some udev docs and the udisks source, seeing how feasible it is to build some udev support directly into SpaceFM, and perhaps into a small daemon, removing the need for udisks. This does look promising at this point, and I’m playing with a prototype, but it will take some time. I will also consider supporting udisks2 if the functional changes didn’t cripple it too much. But due to the poor development of udisks, I will be primarily exploring alternatives. It turns out that most users only need about 2% of what I see going on inside udisks. I for one would love to have it off my system.

Also, a SpaceFM user is working on a freedesktop-compliant Trash plugin, which should be available soon, for all those who have asked for trash support.

Feedback on how the github setups are working for you is welcome.

March 17, 2012 - Posted by | Software


  1. You’re doing a great job! I’ve recently moved to SpaceFM and I must say It is a very thoughtful and convenient software. I’m still learning, though.

    Comment by pipy | March 17, 2012

  2. Thanks pipy – glad to hear it’s working well for you. A lot of work went into it, that’s for sure, and I’ve learned a lot in the process. I think time spent learning its features is worth it – it can automate things pretty well. Still has a ways to go but it’s getting there.

    Comment by IgnorantGuru | March 18, 2012

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