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SpaceFM In antiX
I’m pleased to announce that antiX has included SpaceFM in their latest M12 test release (details). This will be very good for introducing more users to SpaceFM (antiX has a user base comparable to Parted Magic and larger than Aptosid). antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install Linux live CD distribution based on MEPIS and Debian’s testing branch, which runs well on older computers and can also be used as a fast-booting rescue CD.

Twenty two SpaceFM screenshots are now available on the SpaceFM homepage, and a few of these have been added to the Sourceforge project page (but they only allow six there).

March 7, 2012 - Posted by | News, Software


  1. Hello again.

    Just to point out that SpaceFM is not actually the default file manager in antiX-M12 test release (Rox-filer is), though it is included and I hope users will give you valuable feedback. I really like what you are doing with SpaceFM and I’m sure most new antiX users as well as some seasonal users will end up using it rather than rox. SpaceFM is way better than Thunar and the latest pcmanfm for what we want on antiX.

    All the best,


    Comment by anticapitalista | March 7, 2012

    • Thanks for the clarification. This will give it some good exposure.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | March 7, 2012

  2. Could you let me know when there is a new .deb available.

    email me at: antiX AT operamail DOT com

    I’m also considering adding your .debs to the antiX repository so users can easily get the latest versions.

    “IF” feedback from antiX users is to have SpaceFM as default in antiX-full and/or antiX-base then I will make it so and let you know.



    Comment by anticapitalista | March 10, 2012

    • SpaceFM doesn’t have a mailing list at present. Best way to stay up to date on releases is to subscribe to the News RSS feed. You can also subscribe to this blog via email, which is spam-free and low volume (see Subscribe in the right-side tools). The News is updated with every release. A blog post here is made for some releases, but not all. New deb packages are built for most releases. You can also use the PPA, which is updated anytime a new deb package is available.

      Let me know how that works out – I could also add a mailing list or something of that nature. You can also monitor this README file for changes, or monitor the sourceforge project dir.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | March 11, 2012

    • Update on the notifications: spacefm is now on github so that should make tracking it easier.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | March 18, 2012

  3. Thanks, bookmarked your github page.

    Comment by anticapitalista | April 2, 2012

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