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Sandfox Update

Sandfox 1.1.3 is available. This update simply adds one line to the default Firefox profile:


With recent Debian updates, due to changes in resolvconf, Firefox may require this bind for DNS lookups. Skype and other programs may also require this to be added to their profiles. I do not use Skype so feedback on this is requested.

If you’re already using Firefox, your profile will not be updated unless you delete /etc/sandfox/firefox.profile. Alternatively, you can add the above bindro line to that file manually.

Note that in some cases the actual location is /var/run/resolvconf. On recent Debian, /var/run is a link to /run, yet despite the fact that /var/run is already included, Firefox required this additional bind.

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March 6, 2012 - Posted by | Scripts

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