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SpaceFM Ready For Translators

UPDATE: The below article is out of date. For easier instructions on translating SpaceFM please see the Wiki – thanks!

SpaceFM 0.6.3 is available, as detailed in News.

This version is ready for translators – the translatable source strings have been updated and POTFILES.in is up to date. There is no source repo for spacefm. UPDATE: SpaceFM’s source is now on github. So you can clone it and then do a pull request for your translation. Or if you don’t know how to do so, you can just email me the file.

All you need to translate is the intltool package and a text editor.

Here are basic instructions – I’m new to intltool myself so if anything isn’t working please let me know.

First create spacefm.pot. Extract the tarball and enter the directory ‘po’. Run:

    # generate new spacefm.pot file
    intltool-update --pot

There aren’t that many strings unchanged from prior incarnations, so it may be just as easy to start from scratch. You can simply copy spacefm.pot to your language file to start from scratch (french in this example):

    cp spacefm.pot fr.po

OR, if you want to merge the new strings with the already translated ones:

    intltool-update --dist fr

OR, if you don’t want to overwrite fr.po initially, you can merge into a new test file:

    intltool-update --dist --output-file=fr-test.po fr

Then open the po in your text editor and translate each msgid into the corresponding msgstr. Once the po file is complete, do a make to test the results (use the build instructions in the README).

One note: Due to Design Mode, menu names in SpaceFM are stored in the user’s session file. This means that when you update your translations, users (and yourself) will not automatically see the new menu names. To see your new translations, you will need to start SpaceFM with no session file. Usually the easiest way to test this is to use a test config_dir which does NOT exist:

    spacefm --config-dir ~/.config/spacefm-test

And to specify a particular locale:

    LANG=fr_FR.utf8 spacefm --config-dir ~/.config/spacefm-test

Thanks for contributing.

February 8, 2012 - Posted by | Software

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