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SpaceFM User’s Manual

A beginning to the SpaceFM User’s Manual is available. That document will be under construction for awhile. Currently it contains an overview of the program, installation info, and detailed info on files used by spacefm.

For assorted reasons, I decided to go with a one-page plain HTML format for the manual, rather than the wiki. This is more portable and easily viewed with any browser, can be stored locally, converted to other formats easily, translated, searched readily, and eventually integrated into the program itself. There are no background image, fonts or colors set so that it will display with your browser defaults.

The wiki will still be used for user-contributed and other content, so as you learn the program better, feel free to add content about SpaceFM which you would like to share with other users, or just add links to your site or materials.

February 3, 2012 - Posted by | Software

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