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New SpaceFM Wiki

A few updates on spacefm:

Version 0.5.4 was released a couple of days ago, including deb files. Based on reports, spacefm has been running very well. Most of the open bugs concern minor GUI glitches. Also, please note that you can review closed tickets there as well – I don’t delete them. I close tickets when they are fixed, I don’t plan to do anything further on them, they are a duplicate or are invalid, etc. Yet you can still post comments to closed tickets, and if applicable I can reopen them. If a ticket is open it means I am still reviewing it or inviting further input on it. Also, the sourceforge ticket tracker is in beta and does strange things – just do your best with it. Thanks for testing!

I have made a start on a new SpaceFM Wiki at Wikispaces. This is a test period to see how Wikispaces performs for this. I chose them because they have good reviews and have one of the best WYSIWYG editors that makes editing very easy for those not familiar with wiki formatting, plus a normal text editor. I also didn’t want to affiliate the main wiki with any one distro. I will be starting on a User’s Guide there, and there is already a page for user-contributed plugins. You can edit and add pages there – feel free to contibute any spacefm information or links there which you would like to share with other users. The User’s Guide will be locked initially while I make a start on it, but eventually most of that will also be open for your contributions. Please let me know how Wikispaces is working for you – if it doesn’t prove usuable the wiki content can easily be moved elsewhere. Also, if you’re more knowledgeable on wiki editing, you may be interested in the details of the wikitext format used there.

Graphics – if anyone is interested in contributing graphics, I would like some screenshots of spacefm in action. If you’ve come up with a unique look to the panels, please drop me an email, or add it to the wiki. Also, SpaceFM could use a custom icon, so if you’re good with pixels I’d like to see some ideas. Otherwise I may try to make one, which everyone may regret. You can see how your icon will work in spacefm by simply setting View|Window Icon. Take a look at how the icon appears in the titlebar, taskbar, and also in the Help|About dialog. The wiki could also use a logo, which should contain the icon and the name ‘SpaceFM’ in the image.

luron has made a start on french documentation at ubuntu-fr which you can probably contribute to, and hasufell has contributed a gentoo ebuild. Thanks for your contributions.

What’s Ahead?
Aside from occasional bugfixes and minor UI improvements, my priority right now is getting a start on the User’s Guide. Initially I aim to provide help there with functions and abilities that are not readily obvious in the interface. I also have plans to add a few features to the custom command support – basically finishing some parts that were not completed, such as context for commands. And there is a long list of potential improvements that I want to review and begin work on as time allows.

Thanks again for all the feedback, testing, and external contributions.

January 21, 2012 - Posted by | Software


  1. Just a small SpaceFM feature request – a GUI option to change where it executes it’s scripts (such as other than /tmp) – I like to mount tmpfs in ram with noexec

    Comment by Stuart | January 21, 2012

    • I added this to 0.5.5. However it could not be in the GUI or command line because that creates a root exploit. You can now set this in /etc/spacefm/spacefm.conf:


      spacefm will create this file for you if it saves your root preferences, or you can create it yourself. Be sure to use a folder that is root-protected and user-writable, like /tmp, or you can create security issues.

      Comment by IgnorantGuru | January 22, 2012

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