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Introducing SpaceFM – PCManFM-Mod Remade

The next major version of PCManFM-Mod is now available for early testing. This version is being released under the name SpaceFM. I plan to release one more update to PCManFM-Mod 1.2 within a few days, which will correct a few minor bugs. Aside from possible bug fixes, that will be the last release of PCManFM-Mod. All further development will be within the SpaceFM project.

You can visit SpaceFM’s homepage for details.

Please keep in mind that this release is for pre-alpha TESTING PURPOSES ONLY – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Also, this project is just getting started so the website and project site are minimal at present, and there is virtually NO documentation (I know that only encourages some of you). Sourceforge has a new forum and wiki which I’ll be trying out, so feel free to post there. Also, I prefer most bug reports go to the new ticket tracker beta, so I can learn to use it and decide if it’s a keeper. This is a test period for everything. Also feel free to email bug reports or leave comments here if you prefer, but I think the bug tracker will let everyone review the known issues more easily.

A source tarball, a self-extracting installer, and debian/ubuntu packages are available, as well as spacefm and spacefm-hal in my PPA, and spacefm in Arch Linux’s AUR. All of these should be considered for testing purposes and feedback is welcome.

There is yet much to be done so keep this in mind when submitting feedback – it may take awhile to be addressed. I still have my own long list of things to do – this release just represents the end of my ‘things to do before early test release’ list. Also, insofar as any software can be said to be ‘done’, SpaceFM is NOT DONE. Some users expressed an interest in getting an early test version, so this is it. I’m using this as my own primary file manager now with good results, but please tread carefully. Also keep in mind that future versions may break plugins or configuration files – things are not yet set in stone. Yet one advantage of testing early is that you can give me your feedback before the cement hardens, so to speak.

If you’re ready to get to it, proceed to SpaceFM’s homepage. I’ll be making another post shortly on the background or ‘how and why’ of SpaceFM for those interested. Thanks for testing!

January 13, 2012 - Posted by | Software

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  1. Congratulations on the release… hope you don’t get too many headaches from it!

    Best of luck,

    Comment by Mike & Gail | January 14, 2012

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