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Sandfox 1.0.10

Sandfox 1.0.10 is available. A recent change to util-linux changed the way mount handles the “none” value for tmpfs. This change caused a problem in Sandfox, which used “none” as the source for tmpfs mounts, which caused mtab to not be updated properly. This caused errors when Sandfox attempted to build and close sandboxes. This issue may affect you if you use a newer version of util-linux (for mount), such as that now current in Aptosid or ArchLinux.

Also, bind=/opt/skype has been added to the default Skype profile for Gentoo users, who may also need to disable the line bind=/usr/share/skype in /etc/sandfox/skype.profile (details).

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July 3, 2011 - Posted by | Scripts

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