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devmon 1.0.1

devmon 1.0.1 is available, which includes the following changes:

  • To help prevent data loss, you can now specify the ––sync option, which causes ext2, ext3, ext4, and ufs filesystems to be mounted with the ‘sync’ option, and fat and vfat filesystems to be mounted with the ‘flush’ option (flush requires a 2.6.19 or later kernel). This may reduce the speed of writing to the drive, but will make it less likely data will be lost if the drive is removed without being unmounted first. In any case, you should manually unmount drives before removing them. (––sync, or -s, may be specified when running devmon in both daemon and client modes.)
  • The option ––unmount-on-exit is no longer required (but is still accepted), as this is now the default. On exit (normally only when you log out of your session), devmon will attempt to unmount all removable drives, which prevents mount directories being left behind in /media. If you don’t want devmon to unmount all removable drives on exit, use the new ––no-unmount option.
  • When using ––unmount-removable, ––unmount-recent, ––unmount-optical, or ––unmount-all options with zenity installed, devmon will now show a pop-up error message if an unmounting error occurs. (If the error reports the filesystem is busy, try closing all programs which used that filesystem.)
  • devmon now obeys UDISKS_PRESENTATION_NOPOLICY to inhibit automounting of devices that have this property set to 1.

May 21, 2011 - Posted by | Scripts

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