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PCManFM-Mod Update

PCManFM-Mod v1.2.1 is available. This version includes the following changes:

  • a selection history has been added – when navigating folders, pcmanfm-mod will remember what files have been previously selected, and when entering and exiting a folder, the original folder will leave the entered folder selected. (Previous versions always opened each folder from scratch.)

  • 0.5.2 bugfix: a bug in the original pcmanfm which caused file permissions of a link target to be changed when the link was copied has been corrected. Previous versions change the permissions of the link target to that of the link when the link is copied, and since links have rwxrwxrwx permission, the target is given those permissions. This bug has security implications so upgrading is recommended.

  • a problem with display of the Directory Tree side pane after a folder was deleted has been corrected (this problem may have appeared after a recent update to gtk)

  • added File|Hide File to add one or more files or folders to .hidden automatically (you need to manually use View|Refresh, or in some cases restart pcmanfm-mod for the changes to be effective)

  • a new tab opens in custom home folder if configured instead of current folder

  • added Ctrl-Shift-F key shortcut for create new file

  • when a single file is selected, the status bar now shows the file name (helps to see long file names which don’t fit in the file list)

  • The su_cmd= config option introduced in 1.1.2 has been removed due to potential security issues with it. By default, pcmanfm-mod will now use one of ktsuss, gksudo, gksu, or kdesu (in that order of preference, depending on what is installed). To set a preference at build time (gksudo in this example), add ––with-preferable-sudo=gksudo to the configure command. Please see the README file for detailed instructions.

  • Tools|Open Terminal now opens a terminal for only the current folder instead of all selected folders

UPDATE: Version 1.2.2 has now been released to correct a keyboard navigation problem related to the selection history. When using the keyboard to navigate in Icon or Compact List view mode, the cursor was not properly set when the previous selections were restored. This should be corrected in 1.2.2.

April 10, 2011 - Posted by | Mods

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