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kscrubber update

kscrubber has been updated to version 1.2.7. This corrects a very old bug which interfered with correct folder globbing in the wipe function. This only affected removal of some Firefox files which generally should already have been removed by cleaning in Firefox, which is why I didn’t notice the bug until now. Still, it would be best to update your copy of the script.

Also, I have disabled the –killindex option, as it is no longer advisable with newer versions of KDE4. If you really want it (for KDE versions prior to 4.3 perhaps), it can be easily re-enabled in the script.

Finally, I threw in a few lines to clean Firefox4.

I am no longer using KDE so kscrubber is not maintained much anymore, but it should still work. If there are any issues relating to newer KDE versions, if you let me know exactly what should be added or modified I may do so. I also have a more generalized version of kscrubber, but it needs to be rewritten before I release it – if I get to that I’ll post an update.

And somewhat OT, please make yourself aware of the evercookie if you’re not already. kscrubber should at least help with it if not eliminate it.

March 12, 2011 - Posted by | Scripts

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