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devmon 0.9.0

devmon 0.9.0 is available. In addition to some minor changes to existing functions, devmon now provides more manual mount and unmount options.

Changes to existing functions:

  • ––unmount-all (-a) now unmounts optical drives in addition to removable drives
  • mount errors from udisks are now printed to stdout in addition to devmon’s error, providing more feedback
  • devmon now does eject detection on a per drive basis (eject detection prevents devmon from instantly remounting an optical drive you manually unmount)

Features added in this version:

  • added ––unmount-removable (-r) and ––unmount-optical (-o)
  • added ––unmount DIR|DEVICE to unmount by mount point label
  • added ––eject DIR|DEVICE to unmount (if needed) and eject discs in one step
  • added ––mount-all (-a)
  • added ––mount DEVICE
  • added ––info-on-mount to show a drive usage info dialog on mount
  • devmon will now pass the following mount options to udisks : ––mount-options ––mount-fstype ––unmount-options ––eject-options (note that ––eject-options currently causes a segmentation fault in udisks)
  • you can now specify your preferred ––mount-options for automounting (note that udisks may add and override options depending on the media)

UPDATE: devmon 0.9.4 is available, which corrects ––unmount-removable not being recognized, adds an ––internal option for help with esata issues (see the Known Issues for more info on this), corrects problems with spaces in volume labels, and corrects mounting problems with partitionless devices.

February 10, 2011 - Posted by | Scripts

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