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How To Read PCManFM-Mod’s Stats Line

PCManFM-Mod 1.2.0 includes a new Stats line in the copy dialog…

It’s hard to keep everyone happy on something like this – uncluttered vs detailed. People copying over a network or to/from USB devices usually appreciate more info on real-time and average speeds, whereas copying on a local PC rarely requires it. If all you want to know is the time remaining, the time to the far right is all you need to pay attention to, or even just watch the progress bar.

You can interpret the Stats line in the example above as follows:
the current item being copied out of the total number of items to copy
(350.7 MB / 700.0 MB)
350 out of a total of 700 MB has been copied so far
elapsed time – this is just a clock showing the total copy time thus far
@cur 42.3 MB/s
the current copy speed (based on the most recent two-second interval)
estimated time remaining based on the current speed
@avg 58.5 MB/s
the average copy speed thus far
estimated time remaining based on the average speed – this is usually the most reliable

January 23, 2011 - Posted by | Mods

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  1. Hi! Thanks alot for implementing the the average copy speed display. pcmanfm plus your modification is the best FM I’ve ever used.

    Comment by happy user | April 11, 2011

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