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PCManFM-Mod v1.1.0

PCManFM-Mod v1.1.0 is available. This version now builds and installs itself as “pcmanfm-mod”, and will run independently of other versions of pcmanfm. It also now uses a different user config folder ~/.config/pcmanfm-mod/

Changes to this version include:

  • makefiles have been changed to build and install as “/usr/bin/pcmanfm-mod”
  • AUR package has been updated – installs as pcmanfm-mod
  • uses $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pcmanfm-mod/ as config folder – imports from
    pcmanfm if missing

  • Compress and Extract functions now support tar.xz
  • Default save folder of Compress function now working folder (bugfix)
  • program icons (normal and root user) changed
  • middle-click on tab now closes it (Firefox style)
  • Create new file/folder in detailed list view now focuses new file (same behavior as icon view)
  • File list is given focus after create new file/folder (all views)

The new version of PCManFM-Mod installs itself as /usr/bin/pcmanfm-mod, but LXDE uses /usr/bin/pcmanfm for its desktop management. Thus you may need to create a link:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/pcmanfm-mod /usr/bin/pcmanfm

Or, if you use Arch Linux, uninstall the pcmanfm-mod AUR package and install pcmanfm-mod-prov instead, which will create the above link automatically.

August 9, 2010 - Posted by | Mods


  1. Hi,
    I have updated pcmanfm-mod 1.0.4 to pcmanfm-mod 1.1.0 and now, it doesn’t launch at start up.
    did I miss something?


    archlinux box with LXDE

    Comment by jarbowski | August 10, 2010

    • You may need to create a link for LXDE…
      sudo ln -s /usr/bin/pcmanfm-mod /usr/bin/pcmanfm

      Or if you use the pcmanfm-mod-prov AUR package, it will do that for you.

      If that doesn’t solve your problem please let me know.

      Comment by igurublog | August 10, 2010

  2. thank a lot
    it works perfectly with pcmanfm-mod-prov

    Comment by jarbowski | August 11, 2010

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