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PCManFM-Mod 1.0.1 Available

PCManFM-Mod 1.0.1 is now available. This fixes quite a few complex problems with link-handling in pcmanfm, one of them serious (potential data loss), and also adds a few new features.

  • A “Paste as Target” (Alt-Shift-V) command has been added to the edit menu to paste targets of links on the clipboard. Any normal files on the clipboard will simply be copied.
  • A serious bug which caused pcmanfm to overwrite link targets has been corrected. When copying a file onto an existing link, and opting to overwrite it, pcmanfm would in some cases overwrite the target of the link instead of replacing the link. In other cases a file with a mangled filename would be created in the target’s directory. Both these problems are now corrected. Note that this bug can cause data loss so if you’re not using mod 1.0.1, be sure to delete links before replacing them – don’t attempt to overwrite them.
  • When pcmanfm copies a link, it sometimes creates a link who’s target’s pathname is mangled (due to a char buffer that was not terminated). I believe this always occurs when copying a broken link, and sometimes occurs with resolvable links. This bug has been corrected.
  • A bug which prevented creating a link to a broken link has been corrected
  • Link creation (Paste or drag methods) can now generate an overwrite/rename query instead of the “File Exists” error. For one, this now allows you to create a link to a file in the file’s own directory, renaming it. It also allows you to directly overwrite files and links with links.
  • A problem with the write permissions in pcmanfm’s right-click context menu has been partially corrected. This determines when Cut, Paste, Delete, and Rename are enabled. Previously, this was based on whether one selected (focused) file was writable, ignoring other selected files. Further, if the one selected file was a symlink, the write permissions were erroneously derived from the link’s target. In the case of a broken link, this meant Delete would not be enabled ever. Another problem – the Edit menu does not dis/enable these items. The mod now uses the write permissions of the current directory to determine the context menu permissions. This is not a perfect solution, as the file(s) may still not be writable, but the worst that will happen is you’ll get a Permission Denied error, instead of not being able to delete files that you can in fact delete. The Edit menu was not addressed.

  • Finally, the AUR PKGBUILD now prefers gamin over fam (gamin is a depend and fam an optdepend. But one provides the other so you’ll never have both installed). gamin is actually preferred for pcmanfm. Also, the PKGBUILD now provides a SHA-256 sum in addition to MD5.

I believe I have cleared up the link-handling, but if you do come across incorrect behavior please let me know.

Go to PCManFM-Mod 1.0.1

June 3, 2010 - Posted by | Mods

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