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Repic Update and PCManFM-Mod Examples

Repic has been re-written. The update adds some new options, including the ability to pop-up interactive dialogs.

Also, I have added two examples to the instruction page for PCManFM-Mod. The first shows how to use my recently re-written repic script to add a command in PCManFM to resize all selected pics. The script asks what size to resize them to, and can also put them into a Claws or KMail email message, as well as other options.

The second example uses a chooser script to ask the user what is to be done with the selected files (via a Zenity dialog). The example chooser script can create a tar.gz archive containing all the selected files and folders, or can simply open all the items with xdg-open. This chooser script is intended to be customized with any additional functions you want to add. By using a chooser script, you can extend the five user-definable commands which PCManFM-Mod includes to perform an unlimited number of functions.

February 24, 2010 - Posted by | Mods, Scripts, Tips

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