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kscrubber for KDE4, Firefox, and Flash cookies

kscrubber, a script for KDE4 to clean logs and remove recent activity information from system and user files has been added. I was surprised recently to learn about Flash ‘cookies’ which are not removed by Firefox, and can be used by websites to recreate cookies you’ve deleted! I was also disappointed to discover that when Firefox clears your browsing history, it does not remove this information from its files. Combined with the recent activity tracking of KDE4, this is a lot of information to be cleaned up – a tedious and repetitive task, a perfect job for a script. This is pretty well tested but let me know of any troubles. This script also has an experimental option to disable the evil Akonadi, Soprano, and Nepomuk servers in karmic, which the Ubuntu devs think everyone wants running on their system slowing it down.

November 14, 2009 - Posted by | Scripts | , , , , ,

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